(Good Things Utah) For many, intimacy can often make or break a relationship. And when issues arise, this fact becomes more evident than ever. Studies show that 50% of men over age 50 suffer from erectile dysfunction to some degree.

In the past, treatments have involved prescription medications, injections, and painful surgeries. Each treatment is more expensive than the last with no guarantee for lasting results.

Now, a revolutionary new treatment called Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) from Wasatch Medical Clinic is changing the way medical professionals approach patient care. This FDA-cleared technology specifically targets damaged blood vessels, applying pulsating soundwaves to help them regrow. Once regrown, blood flow is increased to improve any intimacy concerns.

Acoustic Wave Therapy sessions are simple and private with sessions only 15 minutes long. By simply applying a topical solution to the surface of the skin, experts can make a big difference for patients with no pain at all. Data gathered from patients indicates that of those 2,000 who received treatment, 1,800 were satisfied and had shown noticeable improvement. Most who qualify for treatment will begin to see results anywhere between two to four treatments.

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