(Good Things Utah) Believe it or not, smile transformations can really happen. For patients at Lush Dental, these miracles take place every day. The office, looking more like a modern-day spa than your traditional dental practice, has helped countless patients around Utah regain their confidence through brighter, healthier smiles. Ashleigh Dearing, dentist and co-founder, joined Good Things Utah to share one of their most popular procedures offered today: dental veneers.

Veneers are thin shells placed in front of teeth to improve their appearance and create a customized shape. Patients use them to conceal teeth that are stained, chipped, and uneven. At Lush Dental, trained professionals can easily apply permanent veneers in as little as 6 weeks for the entire process. To make this as hassle-free as possible, Lush Dental has broken its system down into 4 easy-to-follow steps:

  1. The process begins with a free consultation from one of their qualified dentists to determine if veneers are necessary, and review what’s to be expected.
  2. Patients set an appointment for a later date, keeping in mind any helpful references they can provide the dentist to achieve their desired result.
  3. Teeth are prepped and patients get sent away with temporaries that look identical to the permanent set they will later receive. This allows them to make sure they’re satisfied with the appearance before finalizing.
  4. Application of permanent veneers in the final appointment.

To learn more about Lush Dental and schedule a free consultation, visit them at www.lushdentalco.com.

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