(Good Things Utah) Cleaning cars and making time for charities in our local communities, BLH Detailing in Ogden is quickly becoming a go-to car detailing service for locals looking to make their beloved vehicles shine like new. By “getting in all the nooks and crannies”, the comprehensive detailing team has developed a healthy reputation among Northern Utah’s most passionate car enthusiasts.

BLH Detailing takes as much time as they need to remove any imperfections, ensuring their clients drive away with smiles almost as shiny as their cars.

We like to take care of our customers no matter how big or small their job is… No matter how long they’ve been with us or how new they are… We take our time and make sure to handle everything with a lot of care.

Matila Lavulo, CEO/BLH Detailing

10th Annual Animal Rescue Charity Event

BLH Detailing also works hard to give back; regularly participating in local car shows with proceeds benefiting wounded soldiers, veterans, and other community members in need.

Happening this weekend, they’ll be featuring some of the most beautiful cars in their portfolio for a 10th Annual Animal Rescue Charity Event to help local rescue organizations in their mission. The event will host rare cars, food trucks, giveaways, and much more.

The charity car show is on June 18th in Plain City Park (4351 W 2425 N St, Plain City, UT 84404).

For more information, click the link here to see the event details on Facebook.

For more information, testimonials, and to schedule a detailing appointment, go to blhdetailing.com

Give them a call at (801) 690-3648 or email to blhdetailing@gmail.com

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