(Good Things Utah) ‘Taco Tuesday’ for many is like a weekly occurring holiday. It’s the perfect chance to justify a savory, yet filling, meal of tacos along with other flavors originating from Mexico. While some can manage to enjoy tacos only once per week, this establishment is tempting residents all around the state to give in to their taco cravings daily.

ROCTACO Freestyle Tacos originally became popular serving delicious Mexican cuisine with a dynamic twist to the Utah community from their location in downtown Salt Lake City. Now with a following of loyal foodies behind them, Roctaco has opened a second location in St. George.

Their menu is chock-full of authentic and natural ingredients. This establishment specializes in all things tacos, mixing new flavors with classic flavors in every creation. In addition to their tacos, they offer a variety of tasty sides like their Nachos, Chips with Dip, and Elotes.

For the warmer months of the season, ROCTACO is also well-known for its sweet handmade Batidas option, combining yummy fruit flavors into one icy beverage.


+ Chicken Tikka Masala

+ Pickled Cukes & Carrots

+ Crispy Onions

+ Creamy Cilantro Sauce

+ Fresh Cilantro

+ Handmade Flour Tortilla


+ Carne Asada

+ Pickled Red Onions

+ Cilantro Lime Sauce

+ Chimichurri Sauce

+ Queso Fresco

+ Cheese Crusted Flour Tortilla


+ Korean Kalbi Short Rib

+ Purple Cabbage

+ Green Onion

+ Pickled Jalapeno

+ Sweet & Spicy Srirajang Sauce

+ Handmade Flour Tortilla


+ Panko Fried Avocado

+ Corn Poblano Salsa

+ Pickled Red Onions

+ Creamy Cilantro Sauce

+ Fresh Cilantro

+ Cheese Crusted Corn Tortilla


+ Carne Asada

+ Avocado Crema

+ Pickled Red Onions

+ Chipotle Lime Sauce

+ Queso Fresco

+ Fresh Cilantro

+ Handmade Yellow Corn Tortilla

There are a wide variety of delectable flavors to try at ROCTACO. The eye-catching atmosphere and friendly staff help make this an even better dining experience for customers.

And with two locations in Northern and Southern Utah, everyone can try the specialty tacos made in this local establishment.

Taste Utah took a trip into the city to try out its menu and find out why it’s now a Utah favorite.

To browse their menu, go to www.ROCTACO.com or visit them at either location:

Salt Lake City

248 S Edison St,

Salt Lake City, UT 84111

St. George

471 E St George Blvd, 

St. George , Utah 84770

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