America First’s Heber Branch offers state-of-the-art location, service and giveaways for grand opening

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(GTU) – Here in Heber, America First has kicked off the grand opening of a new branch on the 15th of this month. Coming from a different location, the new branch is located at 235 West 1300 South.

As membership continued to grow the demand went up. America First Credit Union opened a new branch to better serve our members located in the Heber Valley.

It’s not just any new branch. It is a beautiful, state-of-the-art building. Lots of time and effort went into finding the perfect location, design, and build. It has been a long time coming for the Heber location and its members.

The design and structure of the building are meant to feel open and inviting. Large, numerous windows allow people driving by to feel welcome and encouraged to come in.

The location and design aren’t the only things that are now modern, but also a streamlined process with America First’s universal agents. They are trained to help you with any of your needs whether it’s help with a mortgage loan, auto loan, opening a savings account, or wiring money somewhere. The new agents are trained in all areas so one person can help you from start to finish.

It’s a beautiful footprint. We have a coin counting machine here. We’ve got ATMs. We’ve got drive up planes, a great branch staff that’s ready to help you so come in and visit the Hebrew branch.

To along with the gorgeous Heber Valley, the branch serves as a new model and footprint for America First Credit Union branches going forward. Utah already has 120 America First Credit Union branches, but you can continue to look for the brand to expand and redesign other locations.

In celebration of the grand opening, which culminates with a ribbon-cutting on October 2, there are some perks and giveaways to go take advantage of. If you come into the branch, open up an account and deposit $25 into that account, America First will match it and deposit an additional $25 into your account. In addition to that, there is a drawing you can enter to win a mountain bike, an adult mountain bike or a kid’s Strider bike.

View more about the state of the art Heber Branch and enter the mountain bike contests.

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