(Good Things Utah) – Rather than being fueled simply by a desire to be more physically attractive, patients seeking aesthetic procedures are driven by many different factors. Matthew Walker, Operations Director at Form Spa in Salt Lake City joined the show to talk about the many reasons people undertake aesthetic procedures.

Aesthetic procedures will normally change a patient’s appearance, but vanity isn’t the main driving force behind someone’s decision to undergo these types of treatments. Even though the number of people having aesthetic treatment is increasing year on year, the reasons vary from patient to patient. Here are the three reasons people pursue these types of treatments.

1. Enhancement

Enhancement is exactly as it sounds: It makes things bigger or more pronounced, etc. When you say: “plastic surgery,” most people think of this. People getting aesthetic enhancements have increased in both surgical and minimally invasive procedures.

There is no question that today’s society has become more focused on its appearance than ever before. It has been brought on by the ability to take very small, subtle, and unobtrusive steps to simply “enhance” one’s appearance and create a greater feeling of self-confidence.

2. Corrective

Typically this doesn’t get the headlines and stereotypes typically overlook this category completely. Trying to go back in time, either to reverse an event such as a traumatic injury, burn, previous surgery, etc. It is also to correct the signs of aging, whether it’s big or small. 

Corrective procedures can help patients by permanently restoring areas of the face and body that have been affected by scarring, deformity, genetic, or medical conditions. It too offers patients a renewed sense of self and overall improved self-esteem.

3. Preventative

Preventative treatment is becoming much more popular and it’s never too late to start. Like with many things in life, It’s always harder to correct the signs of aging than it is to prevent it. This is what it means to “age gracefully.” As someone ages, preventative treatments can be used to make sure you age with grace and have no prominent signs of aging manifest on your skin or body.

Form Spa in Salt Lake City

Form Spa’s mission is to improve lives by inspiring confidence. It truly sets them apart from other providers in the valley. Their main goal is to meet patients where they are at, regardless of where that is. Too frequently society overlooks the emotional toll of struggling with self-image. At Form Spa, they want to empower patients by helping them find that confidence and building upon it.

It can be very difficult to talk about aspects of your appearance that affect self-confidence. It’s even harder to go to an event with a lot of people to do it. Form Spa wants to extend both of their best deals of the year and more importantly, a non-judgmental hand to those at home who may not be comfortable coming into an office setting.

I believe everyone should have the ability to feel beautiful.

Matthew Walker, Operations Director at Form Spa

From Spa are not going to point out everything that is wrong with a patient’s appearance. Instead, they are going to focus on what might be holding someone back from regaining confidence and provide options to address those insecurities. Finding the right med spa is an important first step! Patients should look into setting up a consultation so they can discuss their concerns and aesthetic goals.

Special Deals and Event Details at Form Spa

To celebrate their 5-year anniversary, Form Spa will be holding a party stocked full of door-busting giveaways, surprise hourly giveaways, and some super cool prizes. Form Spa has been inspiring confidence for 5 years, and that is always something to celebrate.

Form Spa is excited to include Face Hope Foundation in this year’s event. It is a foundation focused on bringing its mission to life by improving lives through inspiring confidence. A portion of sales from the event along with $100 from Form Spa for every new membership during the event will be donated to the foundation. 

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