A skincare line you can feel safe about putting on your skin

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David Malpas, President / CEO of Australiana Botanicals LLC shares some of his favorite products of Australiana Skin. Their products are unique and highly effective. They  feature AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK SUPERFRUITS and newly discovered Aussie Essential oils. These super fruits and essential oils are some of the most powerful botanicals on earth and wonderful for skin care.

They are 100% botanical – NO harmful chemicals – and only use VERY high grade botanical ingredients.

Use code GOODTHINGSUTAH for a 30% discount April 4-6 2018.

See more information and order online at www.australianaskin.com. Also find them on Facebook and Instagram @australianabotanicals

Based in Utah, the company was started after David’s wife passed away from cancer 4 years ago. The whole family became more aware of holistic health: what they ate, exercise, what they put on their bodies etc. Two adult daughters wanted “clean” non-chemical skin care but could not find products they were happy with. They knew other women would want the same, so they formed their own company, engaged one of the country’s most experienced formulators (identity is trade secret), and created a whole new 100% botanical range using Australian Outback super fruits and newly discovered essential oils, of which they are familiar because of their Aussie backgrounds.

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