(Good Things Utah) First established in 2016, Bucked Up has quickly become one of the leading brands in the nutrition and fitness industries. Originally gaining attention with its famous pre-workout supplement line, Bucked Up is now known for supplying energy and vitality to active individuals around the country — from working professionals to avid gym-goers.

They’ve since grown to produce a multitude of top-rated nutrition supplements like multivitamins, proteins, natural testosterone boosters, and even seasonings.

While each product has its unique benefits — one of its most popular new products, Bucked Up Energy, is proving to be the ultimate energy supplement for any active lifestyle.

The difference is in the ingredients. Bucked Up Energy uses only the highest quality ingredients in their signature formulas, packing 300 mg of natural caffeine into each can. Even more, their energy formula has also been infused with a wide variety of essential compounds including Dynamine, TeaCrine, Beta-Alanine, and many others.

Overall, these nutrition-boosting compounds are designed to provide long-lasting energy, improved focus, and increased endurance to conquer the day. A wide collection of delicious original flavors like Grape Gainz, Mango Tango, and Pink Lemonade make each sip a chance to savor the moment.

Don’t know which flavor is right for you? Try them all. Each flavor is a whole new experience. And the body-boosting results you see will speak for themselves.

Visit them at BuckedUp.com to learn more and browse their entire collection of natural products.

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Use code ‘UTAH‘ for 20% off when you purchase at your local GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Good Earth, or Walmart.

Gym N’ Juice

“This citrusy, smooth flavor drives you to early-coastal ‘90s.” 

Strawberry Kiwi

“Inspired by nuclear fusion, Bucked Up Strawberry Kiwi is an unparalleled source of energy and refreshment.”

Grape Gainz

“Crisp and tantalizing, with a hint of sweet, sweet fealty, it’s packed with a potent energy formula and it has zero-sugars.”

Blood Raz

“Blood Raz manages to be sweet, succulent, and tart. And completely sugar-free.”

Wild Orchard

“The first bite into a sweet, ambrosial pear—crisp and juicy.” 

And MANY more flavors to choose from…

Courtesy: Bucked Up



Owner, Managing Partner, CEO

“Ryan Gardner founded Bucked Up in 2013 and has been the managing partner and CEO ever since. Under his supervision, Bucked Up has gone from a local supplement brand to the #1 best selling pre-workout, available in over 10,000 stores worldwide.”


Founder, VP of Operations

“Jeff Gardner co-founded Bucked Up in 2013 with his twin brother, Ryan. While Ryan was working on the day-to-day operations, Jeff was making a plan to build Bucked Up into a worldwide brand.”

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