(Good Things Utah) Snoring is something we’re all guilty of at some point or another. Though, when that snoring becomes regular and more pronounced, experts begin to wonder if the cause could be a more serious condition called sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea occurs when an individual’s airways are obstructed during sleep, significantly inhibiting a person’s ability to breathe. In addition to dense snoring, those with sleep apnea will also wake up choking or gasping, have a noticeable dry throat, and get frequent headaches. In addition, other indicators include waking up with jaw pain and/or head pain — both early indicators of sleep apnea as teeth grind overnight to bring in more air supply.

Possibly the biggest contributor to sleep apnea is spine misalignment. Our central nervous system, which modulates any breathing, is located at the top of the spine, where the head and neck meet. When pressure is applied to this point, the body must fight for air as passageways are effectively unable to operate normally.

While experts have traditionally helped individuals treat their symptoms with the CPAP Machine during sleep, an innovative treatment from The Lift Clinic in Salt Lake City is offering some reprieve without the use of such a device.

Following comprehensive testing to make sure sleep apnea is present, The Lift Clinic utilizes a completely non-surgical option for their patients called T.A.P. (Transdermal Atlas Positioning). This simple procedure realigns the body and spine, re-establishing an open airway and encouraging more airflow in general.

The Lift Clinic is offering FREE initial consultations through the rest of June. To read more information and book a consultation, visit them online at TheLiftClinic.com or call them at (801) 980-0981

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