A non-surgical option for hair loss

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Genetic hair loss affects nearly 50 million men and 30 million women in the US alone. Hair transplant surgery has grown in popularity, especially at Utah Facial Plastics, but did you know there are also non-surgical options that can be done with or without a hair transplant that can make a big difference? Alfie Symes and Mariah Sanchez  from Utah Facial Plastics discuss non-surgical options for hair loss.

There are a number of things that can cause hair loss from thyroid or auto-immune disorders to just genetics, which is the type of hair loss they treat at Utah Facial Plastics. For male and female pattern hair loss, which is genetic, the male sex hormone, DHT, causes the follicles to shrink until they eventually become dormant. 

The first thing they discuss with patients is medication. Finasteride actually blocks the DHT and keeps those follicles from shrinking. It doesn’t grow back hair, but it can help stabilize the loss and help patients hang on to what they have. It is a prescription that patients need to meet with one of their doctors to have prescribed. It’s also helpful for patients to start using minoxidil, which is Rogaine, that can be purchased over the counter.

For many patients who don’t want the expense or down time with surgery, scalp micropigmentation can be a great option. With this, they essentially tattoo color into the scalp so it appears more dense and you can’t see the scalp. It works well to lower the hairline, cover the scalp, or just fill in certain areas. You can do this alone or combine it with other options for maximum results.

There is also an injection option: PRP, or platelet-rich plasma injections. PRP is growth factors from the patient’s own blood that they draw, prepare and then inject into the scalp to stimulate growth. This is for follicles that are shrinking but have not gone completely dormant. For follicles that have shut-down, the only way to bring back hair is with hair transplant surgery or you can tattoo the color of hair in with SMP.

Today they are offering buy 3, get the 4th free for PRP injections and then $200 for a 3-hour SMP session (normally $450)

Call (801)776-2220 or visit utahfacialplastics.com for more information.

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