A happy and healthy gut is only a sip away with antioxidant water

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(Good Things Utah) – What if there was one thing you could do to substantially improve your health that was as simple as sipping water? Would you be willing to try it?

Synergy Science uses science to help relieve some of the world’s most common health challenges. The company is known worldwide for its hydrogen water machines and EMF-protection devices.

As the market leader in hydrogen-rich water, Synergy Science is the world’s first and only company to receive IHSA certifications on all of its water products. Their most talked-about product, antioxidant water, is simply, hydrogen gas dissolved into water with no pH change. Hydrogen is a selective antioxidant that has been shown to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. It is backed by 12 years of research and over 900 studies.

70% to 80% of the immune system is housed in your gut. Stress, poor diet, and pesticides weaken your gut to nearly 20% functionality. The electrical potential in Echo H2 Water™ repairs and restores the gut and improves food intolerances.

Synergy Sciences believes in the power of hydrogen and its therapeutic role in the body. They’ve made it their mission to show people, through scientific evidence, that anyone can heal their own body with hydrogen and build better health habits. 

Your body can more easily wear off illness and disease by first tackling inflammation. Inflammation is one of the main causes of poor gut health. Symptoms of poor gut health can include IBS, bloating, food intolerances, improper digestion, sleep disturbances, low immune system, weight gain, heartburn, etc.

Find out more about Synergy Science and their game-changing antioxidant water.

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