SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — While most think that men’s sexual health only affects the men themselves, the truth is that it affects their partners just as much. For those couples seeking help without the use of invasive needles, surgeries, or medications, a breakthrough treatment from Wasatch Medical Clinic is showing promise in improving intimacy.

The new treatment called Acoustic Wave Therapy uses pulsating sound waves to target blood vessels, helping them rebuild and strengthen. This results in increased blood flow and improves the sexual health of men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

According to Katelyn Harward with Wasatch Medical Clinic: “This is a device that’s placed on top of the skin, and it produces gentle pressure waves…allowing for greater blood flow where and when a man needs it the most… It’s working in over 80 percent of our clients, so we’re super proud and happy with it.”

Sessions will typically take only 25 minutes or less with minimal discomfort and no downtime. Before any treatments, patients will meet with their medical providers to review medical histories and current conditions, then conduct a non-invasive blood-flow assessment to determine the level of care needed.

Wasatch Medical Clinic has two Utah locations in Murray (801-901-8000) and St. George (435-922-7000). To learn more and schedule a consultation, go online to

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