A comforting gift for anyone going through breast cancer treatments

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Do you have a loved one going through breast cancer treatments and want to show them your unconditional support and love? Brian Severson from Blankets by Brian came on our show today to talk about National Breast Cancer Month and how a blanket is the perfect gift to give anyone going through the long and debilitating treatments that breast cancer brings.

A cozy and snuggly blanket is the kindest gift you can give a loved one with breast cancer because it gives comfort to someone who really needs it. It’s impossible to be physically present with a loved one 24/7 during their treatment periods and that’s why a blanket is the best alternative. It’s a physical representation of your love and support of them that can be with them constantly through the tough times. 

Brian also offers a line of blankets that include charms called Divine Comfort. These are charms that are sewn inside the faux fur blankets. Gift recipients will receive a picture and description of the charm(s) that’s sewn alongside the inside edges of the blanket. When someone feels around the edges of the blanket and come across a charm, it distracts them from the pain they are experiencing, if only for a second, to remind them of the support and love that is around them. There are four charm options, but Brian is also able to fulfill a customized charm order upon request via email. 

Brian is giving our viewers two amazing offers! Customers may select one in the checkout process. 

Viewer Special #1:

  • Free Divine Comfort upgrade (infinity scarf or blanket bag) with any blanket or wrap purchase of $85+

Viewer Special #2:

  • 20% off items from the ‘What’s New in 2018’ page

For more information or to order a blanket, visit blanketsbybrian.com.

To get ahold of Brian directly with any questions regarding charm customization, you can call him at (385) 900-8668 or email him at BlanketsByBrian@gmail.com. 

Social Media:

  • Facebook: BlanketsByBrian
  • Instagram: @BlanketsByBrian
  • Twitter: @BlanketsByBrian 

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