A breakthrough solution for men isn’t a pill anymore

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Andrew Rinehart joined us from Wasatch Medical Clinic today to share the breakthrough and permanent solution for men who suffer with erectile dysfunction. 

There has been a lack of effective treatments in the past. Until very recently, clinics and doctors treated the problem by relieving symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction with medication. The problem was that these medications weren’t effective and often caused harmful side effects. 

Wasatch Medical Clinic is offering the Acoustic Wave Therapy. This is a solution that treats the root cause of the problem, which is blood flow. The therapy widens the blood vessels which in turn increases the amount of blood released to the penis during arousal. 

Andrew is giving our viewers a special offer! If you call (801) 901-8000 to set up an appointment and mention ‘Good Things Utah,’ you will receive a free consultation which includes an exam done by one of their medical doctors as well as an ultrasound. 

For more information on the Acoustic Wave Therapy, you can visit Wasatch Medical Clinic’s website wasatchmedicalclinic.com.

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