9 pre-natal classes for new parents

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It’s one of the most exciting times to learn that learn that you’re pregnant. But, with that can come trepidation about the unknown. LDS Hospital offers a variety classes for women expecting a baby and those that have newly given birth to help reduce the unknown.

Who Should Take These Classes?

Whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, having a new baby can bring questions. Prenatal classes can help answers those questions and bring peace of mind which will help you feel prepared for your precious addition.

Our childbirth classes are great for expectant mothers, fathers, birthing coaches, and moms who are struggling with breastfeeding, or other lactation concerns.

Why Take a Class?

What you want to avoid is the bad information that’s so easily available online or otherwise. For that reason, a class can help you access reliable information from experts and can help you feel prepared and confidant for your birthing experience.

Here are some of the Courses Offered by Intermountain:

1. Breastfeeding Essentials

Parents planning to breastfeed are strongly encouraged to take this class prior to delivery. Although breastfeeding is a completely natural process, it is also a learned skill.

This class teaches the basic elements of breastfeeding, answers to questions related to breastfeeding and returning to work, plus it demonstrates products helpful to new and experienced mothers. This class is open to both parents and a breastfeeding booklet is included with the course.

2. Third Trimester Childbirth Class

This class discusses the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, warning signs, nutrition, labor signs, and the process of labor.

Also covered are birthing options, anesthesia options, labor complications, hospital care and procedures, postpartum care, newborn care, and breast feeding. Some time is also set aside to practice breathing, relaxation, and partner support.

3. Lamaze Childbirth Class

Lamaze preparation for childbirth teaches that birth is normal, natural, and healthy. Although the course offers many of the same topics as the Third Trimester class, more emphasis is placed on coping strategies, pain relief, and involvement of the labor partner.

4. Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing is a wonderful approach to a gentle, comfortable, and joyful birthing experience. Using relaxation techniques and visualization during labor and delivery, you will be fully aware, free of fear and tension, and able to access your body’s own natural relaxant, alleviating and possibly eliminating discomfort.

Your birthing companion’s familiar voice, soothing touch, and encouraging prompts will surround your birthing experience with peace and calmness and create a bond and closeness unequaled. To learn more about HypnoBirthing, visit www.hypnobirthing.com.

Here are some of the other classes that are offered:

· Sibling Class (classes are not held during flu season, October-March)

· Infant Massage Course

· Birthing Basics

· Early Pregnancy Class

· On-line eLearning Childbirth Class

To help you have a healthy pregnancy and prepare for your birth, a wide variety of other childbirth preparation classes are also offered at Alta View Hospital in Sandy, Intermountain Medical Center in Murray and Riverton Hospital. Core classes are offered at each campus, while specialty programs may be taught at one hospital location.

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