8 reasons to grow probiotics at home: The Shark Tank invention your gut will love

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(Good Things Utah) – Did you know that these microorganisms called probiotics are essential to digestion, immunity, and overall wellness? Probiotics can replenish and maintain your supply of good bacteria and provide a wealth of health benefits. In fact, there are over 140 benefits from probiotics in general.

Traditionally these beneficial little microbes are only found in naturally cultured foods. Unfortunately, factory processing and preservatives can kill off the natural probiotics so many people resort to taking pills. Yet pills are expensive and can die in stomach acid and take weeks to start working. On the other hand, fresh probiotics can start working overnight.

Merrick Maxfield is a local Utah inventor who was recently on Shark Tank to pitch his most recent success story. A father of eight kids, Merrick Maxfield discovered he had a problem, after spending far too much money on probiotics and yogurt for his family that only lasted a few days. He solved this by making his own company, Probiotic Maker.

The product, now considered by many to be a must-need kitchen item, makes the most delicious, freshest probiotic yogurt with only one minute prep and no dirty dishes, all for less than buying any pills, powders, yogurt, or drinks.

Maybe you’re trying to cut down on sugar or you’re looking for dairy-free alternatives? The versatile Probiotic Maker™ gives people complete control. Boost your gut health with the type of probiotic beverage or food your body needs. Take a look for yourself at this unique product.

  1. Freshest probiotics available: Grow trillions of 11 different probiotics that start working overnight.
  2. Save time: Only 1-minute prep and no dirty dishes! Simply add a starter packet (2 free included), slide on the maker, and plug-in overnight (from about 8 hours on up). Then cool, flavor, & enjoy!
  3. Save money: Make fresh probiotics for less than buying any pills, yogurt, kefir, or drinks. One gallon batch is the equivalent of hundreds of pills, 16 protein shakes/nutrition drinks/meal replacement beverages, 32 yogurt cups, 47 probiotic drinks, or 64 yogurt tubes!
  4. Save the planet: One batch can save over 100 pieces of plastic/garbage from polluting our oceans and landfills!
  5. Keto/paleo: Use full-fat milk and the probiotics consume the sugars/carbs to grow to leave you with full-fat, low-carb paleo/keto diet treats, yogurt, kefir, snacks, protein shakes, or smoothies.
    Fat-free: Use skims milk to make amazing fat-free probiotic protein shakes (Merrick lost 27 pounds with no exercise all while saving room for more pie.)
  6. Milk alternatives: It also works with milk alternatives that have natural sugars (for the probiotics to get the energy to grow) and no harsh preservatives. Versions with a lot of protein can also thicken.
    You control nutrition: no more scary ingredients. You control the fat, sugar, flavors, milk type, tartness, thickness.
  7. Perfect temperature: yogurt machines get too hot & can kill mesophilic (medium heat) probiotics. Kefir is too cool for thermophilic (heat-loving) probiotics to thrive. The probiotic maker™ targets body temperature to get the benefits of both yogurt and kefir probiotics.
  8. Great gift: It is something everyone needs but nobody has yet! 100% satisfaction guarantee!
    Made in the USA: Handmade in the USA using new 100% recycled insulation, graphite-like high-end electronics = very light-weight design.

No more piling up your shopping cart with overpriced, sugary yogurts and probiotic supplements that take weeks to work.

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