(Good Things Utah) While the lights and sounds of fireworks on the 4th of July may be enjoyable for us, our pets are often frightened and stressed by these things. Callista Pearson with Salt Lake County Animal Shelter — in partnership with Pet Door Products — joined us on Good Things Utah to talk about several ways to help our pets remain calm during times like these.

We were also lucky to be introduced to Luna — a happy and loving Siberian Husky whose biggest wish right now is to find a home and family of her own.

For more information about companions like Luna for adoption from Salt Lake County Animal Services, click the link here and search for ‘Luna’ in the top corner. (See additional details below)

To search any lost or adoptable pets in Salt Lake City, go to SLCO.org/Animal-Services.

To learn more about how Pet Door Products are keeping pets safe, visit them online at PetDoorProducts.com.

My name is Luna.

I’ve been in the shelter since 06/04/22.

“The shelter staff describes me as a black and white, spayed female Siberian Husky mixed breed. The shelter staff believes that I am approximately 2 years old.”

“I’ve got lots of energy and would love for you to help me channel it in productive ways! I may need a refresher on my manners, but with a little effort I will be a loyal companion for the rest of your days.”

  • Knows basic commands
  • Likes toys
  • Likes treats
  • Active/Athletic
  • Good with other dogs
  • Walks well on a leash
  • Affectionate

Tips To Calm Pets During Fireworks

1. Check that all gates and garages are closed/locked.

2. If your pet hides during a thunderstorm or fireworks, don’t force them out. They’re dealing with stress and overstimulation — let them come out on their own time.

3. Play soft music to distract your pet from loud distractions like fireworks.

4. Lower the blinds and close the windows to reduce stimulation and give pets a sense of safety.

5. Help reassure your pet that everything is okay during times of stress and overstimulation.

6. Consider purchasing a ThunderShirt for dogs to help keep them calm during fireworks, thunderstorms, travel and more.

7. Pet owners should get their pets microchipped and also make sure their information is up-to-date. This will ensure that in case a pet was to escape, owners can locate their pet and bring them back to the safety of their own homes.

Any Pet in Salt Lake County can get a free microchip at Salt Lake County Animal Services, but a pet license may be required. Email animal@slco.org or come in Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am – 6 pm. No appointment is needed.

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