(Good Things Utah) It’s Thursday and time for another week of fantastic recommendations from our good friend LaRene at Millcreek Gardens. For this week, LaRene highlighted some of her favorite aromatic plants from around the world — all found in their nursery.

Visit them today at 3900 South 900 East in Salt Lake City or find them online at MillcreekGardens.com.


These perennial plants are very aromatic and highly attractive to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Long and tubular, it has soft bushy flower spikes at the ends and commonly bluish-green leaves.


This small plant is well-known for its unique scent and taste, commonly used in cooking. Usually easy to grow, with stems that spread underground. Considered to be antiseptic, these plants come in a wide variety of species.


Its name is derived from the Latin word “lavar” which means “to wash” — as ancient Greeks would commonly use lavender oil to clean themselves. This fresh-smelling plant is in the same family as mint.


Very commonly used as a sweetener and natural sugar substitute, these plants to Brazil and Paraguay. Considered to taste 200 to 300 times sweeter than regular table sugar.


This herbal plant, originating in the Mediterranean, is shown to have many holistic properties. Garden thyme is regularly used for culinary purposes.


Usually grown in the form of a shrub or vine, these plants are highly resilient. Its vines are known to grow up to 80 feet in height and are used often to treat digestive issues.


This evergreen shrub has needle-like leaves, very well-known for its pleasant scent. The flowers come in rich shades of blue, pink, purple, and white.

To browse their entire collection of plants, go to MillcreekGardens.com.

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