(Good Things Utah) Summertime is all fun and games until someone starts a wildfire. Here in Utah, we’ve experienced record-breaking droughts leading to dry landscapes. These conditions are perfect for wildfires to grow in both strength and size in a short amount of time. To help combat this high number of fires across the state, Utah Fire Info (also known as Utah Fire Sense) are spreading the word about summer safety.

“We had 133 wildfires last week alone,” says Kayli Yardley with the Utah Division of Forestry Fire & State Lands. “We’re still in very dry situations and it’s super crucial for folks to be smart and use their fire sense.”

So far, this year has seen slightly fewer wildfires than last year, but still well into the hundreds. While some wildfires can be started by external factors, many of the cases we’re seeing in the state are human-caused. What can we do to reduce these fires? By using our fire sense, we can help prevent wildfires from happening and more quickly stop the fires that have occurred.

As the fireworks continue to light up the sky this month, Kayli emphasizes, even further, the importance of good fire sense.

According to Kayli: “Be sure to check those restrictions in your area. You need to know if you can have fireworks in your specific areas, cities, and municipalities.”

For more information on wildfires and to see which areas are most affected, go online to UtahFireInfo.gov or UtahFireSense.org.

Important Tips For Preventing Wildfires

  1. Be aware of red flag warnings
  2. Don’t start a fire on a windy day
  3. Avoid target shooting on hot, windy days
  4. Don’t park hot cars or RVs on dry grass
  5. Make sure campfires are put out completely
  6. Check that trailer chains are secure
  7. Call 911 to report a fire

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