7 easy tips to keep your lawn and garden alive during the drought

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For many of us, a healthy lawn is where we make some of our favorite summer memories. It’s a comfortable place to sunbathe, the perfect complement to a barbecue, and the best spot for a day playing yard games with family and friends. So what does it take to grow the lush lawn we all dream of having? How can you help care for your lawn and garden during this striking drought year?

Water your lawn deep, but less frequently

Watering your lawn deep, but less frequently helps push grassroots to reach deeper for water. Watering grass daily will result in a shallow root system. … Infrequent, deep watering encourages grassroots to run deep, which helps the roots develop strong systems below-ground. This allows lawns to be more resilient to changing weather while becoming hardier and disease-resistant.

Test your sprinklers so you’re not overwatering any one area

Place a rain gauge or tuna can in each zone and measure the water. Adjust your timer and sprinkler zones as needed. If you want to check the efficiency of your sprinkler system, this test is a great solution! The cup/tuna can/rain gauge test allows you to test the spread of water over your lawn. Is my sprinkler system distributing water evenly? 

Watering Times

Do not water between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Northern Utah and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. in Southern Utah. Due to the severe drought, it is recommended that you water 2 times per week in Northern Utah and 3 times a week in Southern Utah to help extend the water supply. The goal during extreme drought conditions isn’t lush landscapes but rather “survival watering” to keep high-value plants alive like trees and shrubs.

Check for additional local water restrictions in your area.

Keep your grass longer

A longer grass blade will shade the ground underneath, keeping it cooler, meaning it won’t dry out as quickly as when the lawn is mowed short. Mowing high is one of the best weed control methods too!

Use Revive or Aqua-Drive

Aqua Drive and Revive improve water penetration, allowing water and fertilizer to soak deeper into the soil, including areas that may contain hard-packed soils

Properly water & care for your garden plants

  • Soak your garden thoroughly on a consistent basis rather than a light sprinkling every day to encourage a strong, deep root system
  • Drip or furrow irrigation are the best watering methods. Avoid overhead watering.
  • Mulch around the base of your plants to conserve water
  • Keep your plants producing through the extremely hot days and evenings

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