7 easy steps to guard yourself against cybercrime

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(Good Things Utah) – Not only is Cyber Crime a threat to the general public, but the growing threat of cyber intrusion to public agencies is a real concern. Rod Buhler from Salt Lake Community College joined the show to share some tips that will keep you safe.

  1. Freeze your credit so the bad guys can’t take your money.

2. All communication to start with you! Never trust a communication that starts with somebody else,
phone, text, email, front door… because you don’t know who they really are.

3. Keep your phone number(s) private; hackers are tracking you with it, not just by your social security
number anymore.

4. Never use your debit card. It’s better to spend someone else’s cash with a credit card. Then if the
account gets hacked it’s the bank’s money and not the money that they took.

5. Never use public Wi-Fi. Tether off your phone if you need to. VPN is also a good idea.

6. Use 2-factor authentication on all your online accounts; bank, email, school, work, google….

7. Create strong passwords using capital letters small letters numbers and special characters. Use a
password manager or my memorization technique. I have hundreds of passwords and never forget

Cybercrime in Utah

Half of all small businesses have experienced an attack or attempted attack in the past year. In fact, Utah is #5 of 50 states for cybercrime, with the average cybercrime lost per Utahn at $9,564, according to FBI report. Phishing is on the rise and has become one of the most common cybercrime, Phishing tactics have surged. The top 5 Cybercrime methods are:

  • Phishing
  • Non-payment/non-delivery
  • Extortion
  • Personal data breach
  • Identity theft

Salt Lake Community College Cyber Center

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