(Good Things Utah) – Have you ever wished for an app that doesn’t exist, an app to solve all of your problems or to entertain you as you wait in line? If so, maybe you should consider building it. Designing and coding an IOS or Android application is challenging and often requires a specific degree, but the potential career path you’ll be able to exploit by mastering this highly in-demand skillset should encourage you to at least check it out.

6 Reasons to Give App Development a Try

App development is a lucrative skill in today’s world; many companies are searching for ways to integrate themselves into the mobile app world. The App Development Program at Dixie Tech gives students the opportunity to design and create apps for Apple and Android products, using programming languages Swift and Kotlin. Both languages are easy to learn and use, concise in function, and are powerfully effective.

Throughout the program, budding developers will also learn standard mobile development procedures and practices. At the end of the program, App Development students will be able to brainstorm, plan, prototype, and develop mobile apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Here are six reasons to check out this new program at Dixie Tech.

1. Understand today’s technology

Because it isn’t enough to know about today’s technology. You need to know how to learn, and even create future technologies.

2. Learn a high-demand skillset

You will leave with a portfolio of work, a high-demand skill set, and increased confidence that will help you get started wherever you go.

3. Code for Android

Learn how to develop apps for Android using Kotlin, Jetpack, and all the latest Android technologies.

4. Code for IOS

Learn how to develop apps for iOS using Swift, storyboards, and SwiftUI.

5. Learn programming and graphic design

You will be introduced to the world of graphic design and computer programming by learning languages and systems related to mobile app development. 

6. Develop a portfolio of work

Learn from people who have extensive experience building companies and mobile apps. Have the opportunity to work on real-world projects.

Interested in learning more about this program? Academic Advisors are available for you and can answer whatever questions you may have. To learn more about this opportunity, visit Dixie Tech now.

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