6 Halloween safety tips for parents

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Halloween is just two short days away and with sensible precautions and a little common sense, you and your children can avoid Halloween hazards and mishaps. Trauma nurse from Alta View Hospital, Yvette Pierce, RN, joined us to share a few Halloween safety tips, starting with the costume prep.

1. Make costumes visible

  • Choose costumes and props that have bright colors.
  • For greater visibility, add reflective tape to costumes or trick-or-treat bags.

Proper fit: Costumes should fit appropriately and should not impair movement. Costumes should be short enough to prevent tripping or getting tangled in trees or bushes. Flowing objects such as capes and gowns should not go past the ankle. 

2. Appropriate footwear

  • Avoid shoes that fit improperly or could interfere with balance, such as high heels, stilts, or large clown-type footwear. 

3. Masks with proper visibility: 

  • If a costume includes a mask, make sure your kids are able to see properly.
  • The mask should fit securely and allow the child to see their surroundings.

4. Non-toxic makeup: 

  • To avoid an allergic reaction, make sure to purchase costumes and makeup that are non-toxic.

5. Beware of sharp objects: 

  • Use caution when selecting Halloween accessories such as swords, wands, light sabers, canes, etc. Opt for a fake version that is dull, soft and flexible, and avoid materials that have sharp edges or medal that could cause injury if the child falls.

6. Flame resistant costumes: 

  • It’s important to ensure costumes are not flammable. Look for a label that indicates the costume is flame resistant.

As far as trick-or-treating goes, make sure your children have a flashlight, stay in well-lit areas and have a phone (if without an adult) to contact you in case of emergency. 

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