5 piano students of the Vezzoso School perform Fum Fum Fum live on set

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(Good Things Utah) – Vezzoso School of Music provides specially trained teachers and an enjoyable, incentivized learning experience for their students. The carefully refined curriculum maximizes the development of our students, neurological pathways, and their capacity to fulfill their highest potential. This is the magic of a Vezzoso foundational music education and five students from the school joined us on set for a special performance.

Did you know that music literacy and instruction can help a child make significant, early advances in many facets of life? Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Learning a strong work ethic.
  • Building capability and self-esteem that transfers to other activities.
  • Accomplishing worthy goals.
  • Well rounded brain development through forming helpful neural pathways for academic and further musical achievement.
  • Working with others in ensembles to experience synergy.
  • Performing for others heightens thinking and achieving under pressure.

Vezzoso School of Music offers your children and youth a fabulous opportunity for a positive, inspirational and fun musical experience. They can develop their talents while making new friends and performing as an important member of a group. Singing in our choirs, under the leadership of our exceptional director, will help your children and youth be a part of something bigger than themselves. It will help them feel and see more hope and light in our world and increase their love for music, life, and humanity. 

Learn more at the Vezzoso School of Music.

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