The De Visser’s are closing in July. This is a critical time to make key decisions. Financing is one of those. We hear about the term “closing”, what does this mean in the home buying process? When it comes to financing a loan, there are some key things that a home buyer should be looking at for a smooth closing. Let’s cover the top five items:

Consultation – Review Options 3 matter the most: Rate, Payment, and cash to close, ask questions!  Largest purchase of your life.

Caution — Don’t open any new credit lines (furniture/appliances, auto, boat).

Responsiveness — Be timely & responsive!  Most lending is government-regulated – not subjective, team is dotting I’s and crossing T’s — so it’s not always logical.  Don’t overthink — respond so the loan can be completed on time.

Transparency — Be Transparent – Loan Officer is your advocate and hear to represent you.  Be open about everything so they can help.

Positivity – Buying a home and providing shelter for your life & family — is a great purpose.  Like most items worth having it’s a process.  Keep that in mind and let’s get to the finish line.

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