(Good Things Utah) The heat is on this summer and residents all around Utah are feeling the effects. Cooling down is essential when attempting to beat the heat, but it’s not always easy. Settling down at home, while a great way to stay cool, gets even better when homeowners learn to be energy efficient.

Beth Allen from DIY Hip Chicks partnered with Best Reviews this week to share a few of her favorite tips and tricks to keep our homes cool during summer.

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5 Tips For Keeping Cool At Home

TIP #1: Close Windows

By simply shutting windows around the home, temperatures can improve dramatically as this helps contain any cool air coming from the air conditioner.

TIP #2: Blackout Shades

Installing blackout shades, while normally used to reduce light, is also a wonderful way to keep a home cool. These shades are lined with a specific material meant to block light and reduce heat. Find these at any home goods store or online and make sure to choose the appropriate size for windows.

TIP #3: Blackout Curtains

Similar to blackout shades, curtains are a wonderful way to add texture and color to a living space while keeping heat away. Curtains are also more resilient and long-lasting, often crafted with materials meant to withstand the test of time.

TIP #4: Paper Shades

Also helpful when blocking incoming heat, paper shades are a cost-effective and temporary way to keep a home cool during the summer season. These are also simple to install using Velcro or peel-and-stick.

TIP #5: Ceiling Fan Rotation

We often rely on our ceiling fans during the summer, but many are unaware that they can improve their performance. By flipping the switch on the motor of most ceiling fans, the blades will spin counter-clockwise — effectively pushing warm air up in a living space and keeping colder air below. During the winter months, toggle it again so the blades spin clockwise and push colder air down.

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