SALT LAKE CITY (Good Things Utah) — Around all the excitement of the holidays, more drivers are on Utah roads trying to keep up with seasonal routines. Sadly, this surge in travel makes commuting much more dangerous, and drivers must follow the rules of the road to ensure everyone’s safety.

South Jordan Chiropractic works closely with accident victims daily and has shared several important driving tips we should all know before hitting the road.

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5 Tips to Stay Safer on Utah Roads

1. Keep headlights on at all times

It’s the law to drive with headlights on any 2-lane road. This lets vehicles see us more easily when we are behind them, as well as oncoming traffic. We’re also 20% less likely to get in an accident with headlights while on the highway or in the city.

2. Make sure you’re alert

Drowsy driving is a large contributor to seasonal accidents on Utah roads. With all there is to do around the holidays, it’s important to ensure we can safely operate the vehicle before getting behind the wheel.

3. Watch for pedestrians and motorcycles

Check twice for any pedestrians and motorcycles on nighttime commutes, as they can often be more difficult to notice.

4. Understand your auto insurance

Everyone is required to have auto insurance, but not everyone knows what they include. Get to understand your insurance and find out all the available options in case accidents occur to us or others.

5. Seek expert help after a crash

While we can’t prevent every accident, we can choose how to respond after the fact. Getting the most appropriate care (like the experts at South Jordan Chiropractic) can make all the difference in getting back to normal after we’re involved in a crash.

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