5 decor items everyone should have

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5 Staple Décor Items Everyone Should Have

  1. Cake Stand:

Cake stands are great to use as lifts and levels when decorating. Its more pleasing to the eye if things are at different heights, and a cake stand can help with that. Also use it at birthdays or for an anytime treat, and it’s instantly more special.

  1. Tray:

Use a tray as a base for a centerpiece on a dining table, coffee table, console table, or countertop display. The can corral items and help them look organized. Create a grounding for a simple vignette for any holiday and season. They are easy and fun to change out.

  1. Boxwood Wreath:

Use a green wreath to simplify decorating your front door. Keep it fresh all year long by just changing out the bows. You can dress it up or dress it down. Green looks good all year, and in any room too. You don’t have to overthink how to decorate with a base wreath. A simple dried grapevine wreath is also another good option.

  1. Vase or Pitcher:

Get a good basic vase or pitcher. You will find yourself using it all the time. Whether you’re cutting fresh flowers from the yard to bring inside, creating a green or faux floral arrangement, you will always have something handy to put it in.

  1. Set of Candlesticks:

Candlesticks create height and drama to anything you decorate. Get a neutral basic set that matches the design style of your home. You can move them around and they will look good anywhere! If you put them on your mantle, all you need to do is change out what’s around the candlesticks as the seasons change. For example, you can take out the everyday décor items like small picture frames, balls, and green picks, and pop in a Christmas garland. Just leave the candlesticks there, and then decorate around them. You can change out the color of the candles too to match the season.

Having these 5 basic décor items, you will find that you will use them all the time! You will be pulling them out for every occasion and every vignette you want to create. It’s easy once you have your 5 basic pieces. The only problem is that having just one of each is never enough. You will want to collect all the pretty cake stands, trays, pitchers, and candlesticks every time you see a new one.

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