4 ways to save money on your gas bill

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Seeing a pricey total on your gas bill during the winter is nothing to get excited about. Thankfully Therm, The Dominion Energy Wise Guy joined us to share how you can save money on your gas bill and decrease energy wasted in your home. 

With many easy and affordable ways to make a huge difference in the energy used in your home, Therm shares a list of tricks to use. Like water, air takes the path of least resistance, so if there are gaps for the air to pass through it is a guarantee that you will be feeling a draft on either side of it:

Caulking Around Windows
Caulking fits itself into any unique space that requires filling and by using the application gun and the type of caulking most appropriate with the material it’s encompassing, you can fill gaps in less than a minute that will last you years on end.

Weather Stripping
Help reduce wasted energy and unnecessary fuel costs by using weather stripping. A great way to make sure the door has a good seal is to darken the room and see if you see any light coming from around and under the door. Weather stripping costs only a few dollars. If you have a gap under the door, you may have an adjustable threshold. If so, a few turns with a screwdriver will raise the threshold enough to create a tighter fit.

Furnace Filter
As dirt and debris accumulate in your filter, air has trouble passing through and your furnace has to work increasingly harder to keep your home warm. By replacing your furnace filter regularly, you gain a  healthier air quality and your HVAC unit will have a longer life. 

Smart Thermostats

  • Adjust the temperature in your home from anywhere
  • Easy to program
  • Saves money and energy

Of all the tips Therm shared today, the best one for the value by far is A Home Energy Plan from Dominion Energy. For $25.00, they will send one of their energy experts to your house to conduct an energy-efficiency inspection and provide you with a report of specific things you can do to get the most out of your energy dollar.

Their expert also will provide you with some free energy-saving items such as pipe insulation for the water heater, efficiency-flow shower heads and faucet tips. They will also include a list of rebate qualified appliances and measures that can help you lower your bill. If you follow through on any of the rebate-qualified recommendations, the $25.00 charge for the home energy plan will be refunded to you as a credit on your gas bill. Basically, the service is FREE, that’s how much Dominion Energy cares about helping their customers use energy wisely.

Therm encourages customers to get a Dominion Home Energy Plan by calling 1-888-324-3221 or visting their website at dominionenergy.com to set up an appointment.

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