4 ways to appreciate your significant other

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Eric Bailey with Feel Weel Live Well, is a life coach and author of several books. He joined Good Things Utah with his wife Heather to talk about how you can appreciate your significant other. Plus, he’s selecting five couples who would benefit from an upgrade in their relationships, to attend a three day event called Celebration of Relationships and Romance.

  1. Figure out what each one likes and dislikes
  2. Find what honors each other, especially their passions.
  3. Support each other’s passions. 
  4. Invest in your relationship

3-day Event: Celebration of Relationships and Romance

This class is for 2 kinds of people, those that are currently in a relationship and those that are not. This class will help those who are currently in a relationship to find deeper levels of connection, love, and harmony. Those who aren’t currently in a relationship will learn tools to attract the kind of relationships that they desire into their lives. 

Tickets to the class are normally $1,397.00 per person, but Eric is giving away full-ride scholarships to five individuals and five couples who feel they would benefit from an upgrade in their life. To be considered, email Eric@FeelWellLiveWell.com your name, contact information and why you deserve it, with the subject ‘relationships.’ 

 Visit FeelWellLiveWell.com for more information.

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