4 Tips to Promote a Healthy Pregnancy

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Expecting mothers have probably heard the adage, “you’re eating for two”, but does that really hold up? Is it possible to avoid or at least reduce the amount of “baby weight” gained from pregnancy?  As with any fitness or weight loss goal, it comes down to the food you’re eating and the exercise you’re doing, with each stage of pregnancy requiring different needs to encourage a healthy delivery.  So what are the pro’s suggestions for each stage?


High risk pregnancies can be a result of an unhealthy body composition in which the body’s fat stores are disproportionate to the muscle mass, resulting in a higher body fat percentage.  To help reduce those risks, beginning the process of reducing body fat through exercise and quality dieting—that is, dividing foods into appropriate fats, carbs, and proteins, at the appropriate calories level, to encourage the body’s healthiest operation—can aid in the process of conception, carrying, and ultimately delivery.  Not forgetting the importance of staying fit and active by integrating things like resistance training to have strength going to into pregnancy. 

“we’ve actually had people whose doctors have suggested they come to us after miscarriages or unsuccessful pregnancies—so, I mean, the most serious of issues you could ever deal with in life—because your body’s health is a huge factor in if you’re going to have a successful pregnancy.”

-David, Total Health and Fitness


During pregnancy, most people only need about 300 additional calories.  The critical part is understanding what those 300 calories need to be added to in order to help prevent gaining unnecessary weight.  A person’s BMR, basal metabolic rate, is an indication of the number of calories a human needs at rest, not taking into consideration the daily activities or exercise.  

Multiple factors play into a person’s BMR, including their gender, age, daily activity and height.  Understanding a more precise amount of muscle and fat, among other things, allows for greater accuracy in determining the calories someone needs while pregnant to ensure proper health. Formulas exist to find an approximation of a person’s metabolic rate, however, what they don’t take into consideration is an individual person’s body composition.  Greater accuracy can be provided through bio-electrical impedance technology, such as the machines used by Total Health and Fitness, that provides a snapshot using radio waves that measure the amount and distribution of fat and muscle throughout the human body.   


Just as with pregnancy, you do need additional calories.  What’s nice with nursing is that there is an adequate indicator through milk supply and its quality if proper nutrition is being observed.  Just as with pregnancy and pre-pregnancy, it’s important to understand how many calories need to be added through a person’s BMR.   

Losing Fat:

Additional weight gain from a pregnancy is generally expected, but that’s where it becomes as equally critical as during each stage of pregnancy that the proper ratio of fats, carbs, and proteins continue to be observed.  Total Health and Fitness recommends integrating resistance training to enhance metabolism to help combat the hormonal changes that occurred during pregnancy that lent the body to hold on to additional fat.

Total Health and Fitness is located in both Draper and Centerville, providing nutrition and training guidance for people with all fitness goals, and is offering a 10% off Mother’s Day special for the month of May.  


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