(Good Things Utah) ‘Tis the season to get our jolly on with some holiday decorating. There’s no need to call the professionals this year because, with some help from Taylor at Gatehouse No. 1, we’re going to learn how to give our holiday trees a jaw-dropping style just like the experts.

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4 Steps to Stylize Your Holiday Tree Like the Experts

Step 1: Begin base greens & large ornaments

A good rule of thumb is one ornament per foot of your tree. Spread an equal amount throughout the branches.

Step 2: Apply smaller ornaments

Try experimenting with patterns and textures on your smaller ornaments. Complementing the colors and themes of the overall look.

Step 3: Add in your special ornaments

These are considered sentimental or unique ornament pieces. Spread them sporadically for a fun twist on your tree.

Step 4: Get creative with your holiday topper

Go beyond your average star or angel topper. Find an out-of-the-box topper that still accents the rest of the design.

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