4 pitfalls for women investing

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Managing your money can be stressful especially when it comes to woman and investing. Adam Nugent from Foresight Wealth Management joined us to discuss the 4 pitfalls while investing. 

The first pitfall is that woman are failing to plan for a longer life expectancy. Statistics show that women live longer then men. The life expectancy for a women is 87 years old. Healthcare is improving and so people are living longer. Women need to make investments knowing that they are going to live long. 

The second is that woman fail to plan for health care related expenses. Since women live longer, they will potentially have more health care related expenses. Costs of health care are also rising, and Adam says that it is critical to plan for this. It is never to late to start planning. 

The third advice is to not make emotional investment decisions. When the market enters correction territory this is not a time to panic and make emotional decisions. When things get nasty in the market that is not the time to sell, it’s actually the time to buy!

The last piece of advice that Adam gave was to seek professional guidance. This will give you someonw to walk you through everything and ensure that you don’t make those emotional decisions. 

If you are interested in professional guidance you can go to foresightwealth.com or call 801-462-2200.

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