(Good Things Utah) Back-to-school season is nearly here for Utah students, with parents everywhere scrambling to prepare. But while families are checking off their lists of classroom essentials before the first day, many of our kids are painstakingly counting down the days until they must return. This anxiety, though not uncommon, is a difficult challenge for kids to face heading into a new school year.

For parents, this pre-season anxiety is an opportunity to comfort their worried students and reassure them of the support they have regardless of the outcome. Though, it can be easy for parents to slip into a state of excitement for the school year and possibly make students even more anxious about what lies ahead.

According to life coach Heather Frazier: “The thing that parents often do is freak out when their kid is having some form of anxiety. We don’t need to freak out, because that just adds more chaos to the mix. So we really want to normalize anxiety as common and unavoidable.”

To ensure students go into the season as worry-free as possible, Heather Frazier has a few recommendations for parents to find common ground with their kids.

  1. We have to shift our current thoughts on anxiety. It’s normal to experience and only becomes a problem when we think it’s a problem. When we can remain calm, it helps our child to remain calm.
  2. Send messages of safety. Their brains are telling them that there is danger, and we need to help them feel safe. Note: This is not saying phrases like, “stop freaking out” but rather helping them talk through the situation to lessen anxiety.
  3. Patience. Nothing lasts forever. Noticing that the anticipation of something is almost always worse than the actual event, can be helpful. Our brains paint the worst-case scenario for us, but the worst case rarely occurs.
  4. Repeat. As we help them, we all get better at being okay with life’s discomforts.

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