4 cookies sure to make your mouth water

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Think about it, when was the last time you had an unforgettable cookie? Did a friend or family member ask you to try their own rendition of this one-of-kind baked creation? Or maybe you settled on a bland, slightly stale, and rather uninspiring boxed grocery store cookie. Perhaps the last cookie you had was delicious, yet lacked that crispy outer shell you hoped to munch down on before getting to the warm gooey center. Admit it, no one truly likes their cookie soggy. Unfortunately, all cookies aren’t created equal. Some are too flat, some are too doughy, some have too much butter, and some are simply missing some sweet ol’ inspiration. So to celebrate the everlasting pursuit of balancing sweet and savory, here are four cookie creations sure to make your mouth water:

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip

This warm pumpkin spice cookie with semi-sweet chocolate chips promises to be one of your most popular fall desserts. Get festive for October and try this soft, fluffy, and perfectly sweet pumpkin spiced cookie.

Chilled Andes Mint

With chilled mint Oreo® cookie rolled in Oreo® crumbs and topped with mint buttercream frosting and a sprinkle of Oreo®, this cookie honestly couldn’t get much better. Imagine sitting around a coffee table eating this chilled wonder all while sipping on a mug of hot chocolate. It’s the perfect cookie to transition from fall to winter.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

The classic that we all love, just better. This cookie is expertly concocted with the finest milk chocolate chips and then slathered with creamy rich peanut butter. The collision of these heavyweight ingredients is no joke. Without control, this flavorful masterpiece could vanish right in front of you (into you if we’re being totally accurate) and leave you wondering what magical land your taste buds briefly transported you to. That, or as you contemplate its pure deliciousness, your furry family friend slops it up for themselves. Dogs do love peanut butter.

Nutella® Mudslide

Nutella® on toast, Nutella® on pancakes, Nutella® donut, Nutella® with fruit. I’m sure you’ve heard of them all. So surely you’ve heard about Nutella® cookies. This warm milk chocolate cookie filled with Nutella, topped with a semi-sweet drizzle is next level bakery brilliance. It’s possibly the best combination of flavors since the advent of milk and cookies. It’s that good, we promise.

You can find all four of these mouth-watering cookies at Crumbl Cookies. You can try these along with 120+ specialty flavors that rotate weekly. Each week their menu rotates giving you 4 different specialty flavors to taste and enjoy. Don’t worry, their famous milk chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookie are always available.

You can visit them in-store at any location nationwide or if don’t have time to visit the store they offer local delivery, curbside pick-up, and nationwide shipping, all of which can be easily accessed on their app or online.

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