4 authentic dishes you need to try at Ogden’s best Thai curry kitchen

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(Good Things Utah) – Katy Sine with Taste Utah Bytes introduced us to John Thompson, a restauranter who is providing a low-cost introduction to Thai flavors at his new Thai Curry Kitchen in Ogden.

Everything at Thai Curry Kitchen is made from scratch. From the delicious noodles down to the deep-fried crispy shallots that are just one of many garnishes available at the modern, efficient eatery. It might not be the most authentic Thai food in town, but it’s cheap, to a degree customizable, and a good and inexpensive place to dive into Thai food if you’ve never tried it.

The owners say the restaurant has a simple goal, to be “filling, simple and sustaining.” If you live in Ogden or are travelling through, you’d be hard challenged to find another eatery boasting both cheap prices and a downright tasty variety of dishes.

Taste Utah Bytes four favorite dishes

  1. Spicy Steve Curry
    • Spicy Steve – Mixed bell peppers, Bamboo shoots, Red potatoes. Topped with bean sprouts and scallions. (med spice)
  2. Thai Spring Roles
    • Fresh veggie mix, peanut dressing for dipping.
  3. Thai Banana
    • Coconut almond ice cream, caramel, bananas, topped with toasted coconut.
  4. Yellow Curry
    • Choice of protein, long beans, mixed peppers, carrots. Topped with bean sprouts, and scallions. (med spice)

Check out Thai Curry Kitchen’s menu.

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