Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) — Western Governors University Celebrated its 300,000th Graduate Milestone in Utah by Honoring a Nurse from Herriman on January 19th and the Good Things Utah team was able to join in on the event!

They were thrilled to celebrate the milestone and acknowledge how far they have come since their start in 1997! Graduates are making positive impacts at companies of all kinds, including in the healthcare field and at Intermountain Healthcare. They are even more excited to get to celebrate Ashley Rawlins as Utah’s 300,000th graduate and showcase the impressive work she has done and continues to do for our community.

Western Governors University recognizes that Utah is experiencing unprecedented growth, and the community needs talented, qualified healthcare professionals like Ashley now more than ever. They’re happy to see the impact their programs and graduates are making in the workforce. Currently, they’re offering the “Year of You Scholarship” for new students or returning graduates.

As a nonprofit, online university, WGU offers a convenient and cost-effective way for self-directed, hardworking Utah adults to earn a degree and get ahead. They supply an education that’s based on real-world competencies.

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