3 ways to eat healthy this holiday season

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It’s easy to slip into bad eating eating habits during the holidays, but it’s also easy to stay in control of your health! 

Dr. Erik Schlobohm, DC, CSCS, from Proactive Health Clinic explained that people need to move more, eat less, and eat healthy.

He shared that the processed food we are eating now is the cause of many health issues people have today. Dr. Schlobohm explained that our gut is home to a vast array of bugs and bacteria that influence things like whether we gain weight, and the cravings we have by the signals it sends to our brain. His advice is to revert back to the ancestral diet.

If you’re nervous about eating, heading into the holidays, there are some simple solutions.

First, stop stressing out and beating yourself up about food. Dr. Schlobohm said our relationship with food and the emotions we carry behind it impact how we gain

Second, eat real food. It feeds the bugs. Stop snacking and fast, even skip some meals. He said fasting empties out our insulin stores, and triggers the repair processes in our bodies.

Lastly, fix the gut. For most the damage is done and rebalancing the bugs and healing up the leaky gut is imperative.

For more information on Proactive Health Clinic call (801) 828-0704 or email 

fxchiroutah@gmail.com . You can also stop in at 13552 S 110 W, suite 204 in Draper or find them on Facebook: Proactive Health Clinic.

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