3 top home design pitfalls

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Kelly wrote Power Palettes because she saw a glaring need happening in the design world through her clients. They were practically paralyzed with fear of a making a mistake. In the last few years with onslaught of social media and media geared toward home design it seemed like the more images and information they got the more confused they became. 

Power Palettes takes you from the start of foundational aspect of your homes design. Simply put, a power palette is the end result of applying formulas, philosophies and design standards that lead you to a Powerfully and Perfectly Designed Room, that will also thread throughout the rest of the home. 

The three easiest pit falls in design are

  1. Creating Design Islands. This is where you create a space but it does not tie or relate to the rest of your home.
  2. Design Schizophrenia – This is where the interior and exterior of the home do not relate to each other.
  3. Neighborhood effect – You should always take into consideration the 5 most important homes that impact your property. The two homes on either side of it and the three in front of it. Their style, color schemes and size have impact on your homes exterior presentation.

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