The August lineup from The Book Break includes three books for three different kinds of readers.

We’re getting ready for school to be back in session, so now’s the time to give the kids a new book to enjoy before they get back into school, and something for the parents too!  

Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse” an anthology compiled & edited by Utah’s own, Lyn Worthen

The first recommendation on the list is a fun and intriguing book all women (and those that love them) will enjoy.

It’s time to turn the “man and his dog wandering through a dystopian world” trope on its head, and tell the stories about cats and their women – their badass women.

Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse wanders through broken worlds with stories of survival, technology, magic, and sheer determination. But – like their cats – the authors frequently slipped out the upstairs window or knocked things off of countertops, and their stories are stronger for it. In the pages of this book, cats help their women find a better life, protect and defend and fight for the women who have sheltered and protected them – and vice-versa. Because these are not only stories about surviving troubled times, but of the relationships between the women and their cats, between the members of communities both small and large, and how they thrive, even in the face of catastrophic loss.

Cat Ladies of the Apocalypse – it’s time to take them seriously!

The Cassidy Chronicles,” which book 5 is coming out this week, by Adam Gaffen

The next recommendation is for anyone that enjoys thrillers, action, or science fiction books. This 5 book series features strong women as the main characters.

Throughout this feature, please show the image of the 5 book series, along with the image of book 1 in the series, and the newest book 5 in the series.

It’s science fiction but draws from multiple genres, including action, espionage, political thrillers, and two strong female leads. The main characters, Kendra and Aiyana Cassidy. Aiyana’s the genius who revolutionized transport and distribution by creating a practical teleportation network. Kendra’s the dreamer who’s determined to push humanity not just into space but to the stars.

Kendra and Aiyana Cassidy have created and led the Federation from the beginning, but are they capable of the ultimate sacrifice so their children and their dreams can survive?

No triumph comes without sacrifice, and there is no victory without cost. How much is too much?

Champion’s Quest: The Die of Destiny” by Frank L. Cole

The final recommendation is great for school-age kids 8 years old and up. Adults will enjoy the book as well.This book is a fun fantasy adventure. I felt like it was a good mix between Jumanji and Brandon Mull’s “Beyonders” series.

An exciting new adventure from the publisher of FablehavenAdventurers Wanted, and Potion Masters!

“Action, humor, friendship, and courage. Readers will love this fantasy adventure.” –Jennifer Nielsen, New York Times best-selling author

Lucas Silver’s life is about to change. He thinks it’s because he’s made plans to escape from his foster home and make his way to New York, but then he and his friend Miles and two girls they’re acquainted with―Jasmine and Vanessa―find Hob and Bogie’s Curiosity Shoppe and agree to play a game of Champion’s Quest.

When the four kids walk out the front door of the Curiosity Shoppe, they immediately discover they’re no longer in West Virginia, but transported into the game and a wild fantasy world of dangerous goblins, brutish ogres, and a powerful witch.

They must work together as a team, overcome their real-world weaknesses, and believe in themselves and each other if they are to outwit, outplay, and survive their foes in this ultimate quest to defeat a treacherous monster.

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