3 reading recommendations for you, the kids, and the family

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Melissa Dalton Martinez from the Book Break joined Good Things Utah to share three great books for you to start reading this fall!

3rd Edition of “Crisis Preparedness Handbook.” by Patricia Spigarelli Aston and Jack A. Spigarelli

This book can help you get prepared for the next crisis. The new, updated third edition gives you all the tools you need to ensure safety and survival so you can be prepared for any disaster that comes your way. You’ll love the Crisis Preparedness Handbook because it gives you everything you need to confidently handle any crisis and feel the peace that comes with being prepared.

“The Wish and the Peacock,” by Wendy S. Swore

Paige’s favorite family tradition on the farm is the annual bonfire where everyone tosses a stone and makes a wish. This time, Paige’s specific wish is one she’s not sure can come true: Don’t let Mom and Grandpa sell the farm.

“The Paper Daughters of Chinatown,” by Heather B. Moore

When twenty-six-year-old Donaldina Cameron arrives at the Occidental Mission Home for Girls in 1895, she intends to stay for only one year to teach sewing skills to young Chinese women. Within days, she discovers that the job is much more complicated than perfect stitches and even hems. 

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