3 misconceptions about money and how they are holding you back from wealth

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Eric Bailey was a millionaire by age 30 and he is sharing his outlook and advice. He says the top three misconceptions about money are:

  • Money is the root of all evil
  • Having money will make me prideful
  • I can’t afford it

He says most people allow these misconceptions to limit their wealth potential. 

Eric is creating a Total Money Makeover program to help others achieve what his mentors helped him achieve, and he is looking for 5 individuals or couples to be the first to experience the program at NO charge in exchange for a testimonial of their experience.

This will include a copy of his book Being Broke Sucks, So Stop It!, his CDs Free At Last and Mindset of Millionaires, tickets to one of his upcoming 3-day live events, and a 2 hour personalized money breakthrough session to help you overcome your limiting money beliefs and get you on the track to greater wealth and freedom. Total value: $11,575.00, but no charge for those who are selected. 

To be considered, simply send an email to Eric@FeelWellLiveWell.com with subject heading Money Makeover and tell him why you want to be considered for this program.

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