(Good Things Utah) Getting hands-on with holiday spirit doesn’t always have to be a hassle — especially when it comes to home decorating. Proving this point, our friends at Gatehouse No. 1 are offering up their most exclusive ‘tips of the trade’ for curating our perfect holiday living space.

This week, Gentry Holdaway from Gatehouse No. 1 shared her best advice for mastering your mantel decor.

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3-Step Formula for Mastering your Mantel Decor

Step 1: Mix and match base garlands

Find natural-looking greens, with or without wires, then combine them on top of the mantel. Using command hooks is a damage-free way of hanging them.

Step 2: Lights and ornaments

Get creative with styles and spread evenly throughout. Choosing unique ornaments to complement the light theme can also make a world of difference.

Step 3: Add some pops of style

Sprinkling in some added layers with bold textures and patterns can be a wonderful way of making the mantel look more interesting without going overboard.

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