3 easy additions to make your Christmas tree stand out this season

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(Good Things Utah) – Gatehouse has a signature Christmas look that people yearn to have in their homes. Because of this, It’s become a tradition for them over the years to host classes giving tips and tricks for those trying to make their house a home for the holidays.

Today on Good Things Utah, Taylor, a Gatehouse designer shows the way to decorate a tree just like they do! Here are a few tips for decorating your Christmas trees:

1. Fluff the Branches!

When you get your Christmas tree out of the box, fluff the branches. Don’t just fluff them out to the side, do up and down too to make it look really full.

2. Use a Lot of Lights

Although most trees come pre-lit, Gatehouse uses its own lighting to give it a special touch. They have a lot of fun lighting options at Gatehouse. Again, start with greens. Use 3 or 4 different greens/berries throughout your tree using one pick per foot. Gatehouse usually uses a 3.5 ft tree so they recommend using between 3 and 4 of everything.

3. Ornaments

Start with the largest ornaments on the bottom of the tree and get smaller as you move to the top. Put your ornaments deep into the tree and out on the edge. Wire in every ornament so it is secure. Gatehouse loves to create “moments” within their tree by adding in a cute little house or a faux deer head. This will give your tree a special touch that not many people have.

They also love to add picks to the top of the tree facing upwards. This elongates the tree and adds a special touch to the top. Finish off by adding ribbon, special lights, or accent decorations through the tree.

Find all your Christmas decorations at Gatehouse No.1.

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