(Good Things Utah) – The weather is starting to change, autumn is in full swing, and today Melissa Dalton Martinez from the Book Break has three recommendations that are really going to capture readers of all types—Get ready to fall into a great story!

You’ll love this lineup: The Book Break has everything from short stories about real people doing extraordinary things despite the odds, a wonderful, heart-warming tale for middle-grade readers, and the beginning of an epic saga that is really going to take you out of this world!

Here are the three books:

1. “Ruin Star” by Matt Wright

The first recommendation is an amazing space opera fantasy about a dying planet and two very different characters just trying to find their place in this world who get pulled into a story that’s much bigger than either of them. Using their unique ability to wield “merna”, a power that permeates reality, several unlikely heroes struggle against Tyranny and the end of the universe.

Readers will love this story because of the authentic relationships, strong female characters, and epic struggle that unfolds in an exciting new universe filled with unique and interesting.

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2. “Why We Fought” by Jerry Borrowman

The next recommendation is a collection of seven stories about real events and real people who fought on “front lines” beyond the conventional battlefields during WWII. Jerry Borrowman gives panoramic and compelling accounts of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to defend freedom.

Some were soldiers like the Ghost Army—an eclectic group of former artists, actors, and engineers—who staged ingenious decoy armies. Others were ordinary citizens like William Sebold, a German immigrant and US citizen, who became a double agent for the allies. These were ordinary men and women who would not surrender or compromise. Their stories give us a powerful lesson in our own capabilities as individuals and civilians.

Not only are these stories amazing and true, but they’re told in a way that’s easy for a wide audience to dive into and enjoy, including young adults!

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3. “Missing Okalee” by Laura Ojeda Melchor

This is the story of a small-town girl, Phoebe, who feels like she doesn’t measure up in her parent’s eyes when compared to her nearly perfect little sister. Phoebe just wants to stand on her own two feet and have the chance to shine outside of her sister’s shadow. Despite Phoebe’s feelings of inadequacy, she and her sister Okalee have a very deep, loving bond. Sadly, one-day things go terribly wrong and tragedy strikes. Now Phoebe struggles to face life without her sister and simultaneously doesn’t know how to tell her parents the truth about what happened, because she believes that if she tells the truth, her family will never forgive her

“Missing Okalee” is a beautiful empathy-building story for middle-grade readers about kids dealing with life’s hard challenges and feelings of grief, loss, and guilt. It’s about the unbreakable bond between sisters and finding the courage to do what’s right amid heartbreak and tragedy.

This is a great story that helps young readers explore the impact of lies and keeping secrets and how sometimes information and what people think they see isn’t always accurate.

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