3 books that star courageous female leads

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(GTU) – The Book Break official September lineup is here. Melissa Dalton Martinez, Host & Book Reviewer for The Book Break has three books for three different kinds of readers. The first book is a historical fiction novel that takes place during the cold war and is the true story of a BYU-I professor. The second one on the list is a dystopian novel about a woman who must learn to survive amongst her enemies and save her brother. The last recommendation is a magical urban fantasy about a girl just trying to achieve her career goals, even if she doesn’t have magic like half the world.

All three books have strong female leads.

“The Slow March of Light” by Utah’s own, Heather B. Moore

The Slow March of Light is a brand new book by a Utah author, Heather B. Moore. This is a beautiful historical fiction novel based on the true story of Bob Inama and inspired by true events. It’s a riveting and emotionally gripping novel of an American soldier working as a spy in Soviet-occupied East Germany and a West German woman secretly helping her countrymen escape from behind the Berlin Wall.

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“Ravages of Honor: Conquest,” by Monalisa Foster

If you enjoy thrillers, action, or science fiction books, then Ravages of Honor is a book for you! Would you love your enemy to save your world? Syteria, the main character is a survivor. She survived being kidnapped by the Matriarchy. She survived being turned into one of their slave soldiers. But even she didn’t think she’d survive saving her brother’s life, an act of treason.

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“My Luck,” from the “Twisted Luck” series, by Mel Todd

My Luck is for anyone that enjoys urban fantasy books, but also what I call, “slice of life” books.

This book follows a young woman in Atlanta, Georgia named Corey who is trying to reach her goal of being an EMT, but she has really bad luck. Corey lives in a world where half the population is magical, but she isn’t. And, she always seems to be around when weird things happen.

My Luck – the first book in the Twisted Luck series, an Urban Fantasy you didn’t know you needed. A found family, non-romantic urban fantasy with a smattering of magical beasties.

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