3 beautiful books that make unforgettable Christmas gifts

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(Good Things Utah) – As we enter the holiday season, many of us turn to thoughts of family, gift-giving, and memories that keep us as warm as a fire during winter.

Here are some great book recommendations to wrap up as a holiday gift (to yourself or someone you love). If you’ve never gifted a book, there are also plenty of ideas on how to make it even more meaningful by pairing it with something extra:

1. “The Hope of Promise” by Dr. Joseph Q. Jarvis

“The Hope of Promise: Israel in Ancient & Latter Days” by Dr. Joseph Q. Jarvis, is a wonderful gift for those looking to feel closer to their faith and the history of that faith during the holidays.

Dr. Jarvis’s book takes you on a photo tour of holy sites throughout Israel and Jerusalem, through which you can:

  • Visit the modern nation of Israel
  • Encounter the people who made history in the Bible
  • Experience events from thousands of years ago 
  • Learn about what all of this means for today

This book combines travel, photography, and history from the perspective of faith. To add even more meaning to this gift, you could include (jewelry, like the “Fishers of Men” necklace or bracelet) or something from Israel to make the reader feel like they’re there. Imagine the aroma of [oils like frankincense] while reading about—and seeing—these amazing locations.

2. “Shadowguard” by Gama Ray Martinez

“Shadowguard,” as well as the rest of the titles from the Pharim Wars series. The series is complete and has seven books, which is ideal for fast readers who need to know what happens next.

The Pharim Wars is a fantasy adventure series perfect for middle and high school readers, set in a magical academy in a world threatened by sleeping sickness. It is a coming-of-age story of a young man with a very old soul.

To accompany any book in the series, you could give your young adventure readers a cool sword bookmark or keychain.

3. “Scrumptious” by Christy Denney

“Scrumptious from the Girl Who Ate Everything” by Christy Denney, a cookbook with over 100 recipes the author calls “Perfect for busy families and game-day crowds.” Coming from a huge family and having written recipes for Betty Crocker, Christy knows a thing or two about entertaining.

You can find a huge variety of recipes conveniently organized into sections like “quick and easy” for busy people who still want wonderful meals. Thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any other gatherings, you might also check out “feeding a crowd” or—my personal favorite—“something sweet.” If even the name “Cookie-Butter Lava Cookies” makes your mouth water, you know you’re in for a treat.

And, if you’re giving someone a cookbook, wouldn’t it be great to give some of the ingredients of the best-looking recipe? My son and I made a batch of the Cookie-Butter Lava Cookies, and giving a jar of cookie butter along with the book sounds like a great way to share the joy and get someone in the baking spirit.

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