12 Days of Christmas in July? Expect presents from Pour Moi

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Over 80% of the signs of aging are from the climate you live in. In Utah, it’s a high-altitude climate— but now you can do something about it. It’s about 124 days until Christmas but to the merry folks at Pour Moi skin-care, It’s Christmas in July!

Xmas-in-July in the mountains is merrier than ever, with Pour Moi’s salute to the 12 days of XMAS, featuring 12 of their most beloved products in one kit. You can cross 12 folks off your early shopping list or use them all yourself since the kit is specifically formulated for summers in the high altitude. You can pick up to two since Santa priced these as holiday miracles!

This Christmas special includes four (12) Climate-Smart anti-aging products made to work in synergy specifically for youthful, healthy skin in the mountains:

  • Hydrating Balancer (Rich)
  • Black Serum
  • Mountain Day Cream
  • Tropical Day Cream
  • Desert Day Cream
  • Mountain Day Cream
  • Marine Day Cream
  • Polar Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Clarifying Polish
  • Spongy
  • Face Covering (*styles & colors vary)

To celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas “early,” our favorite elf Ulli Haslacher has brought an unprecedented offer of Twelve Climate-Smart anti-aging products with her! TWELVE… at miracle Christmas pricing!

Special TV Offer:
Product: 12 Days of Xmas in July
Special Pricing: $99 with FREE Shipping
Retail Value: $367
Offer Good Through July 30, 2021

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