10 things every woman should know about the female body

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Women’s bodies are truly amazing. They function in similar ways to one another, yet at the same time, they come in so many different shapes and sizes. Here are 10 things that every woman should know and never forget about her wonderful body.

1. There are 12 kinds of birth control other than the pill

With so many options available to women – there truly is something for everyone.  Depending on what is important to you, you can find the right fit.

2. 15% weight loss can increase fertility by 50%

For women struggling with infertility – losing just 15% of their body weight can help significantly with getting pregnant.  For a 160-pound woman, that would be 24 lbs. Not an insignificant amount of weight, but might be highly motivating for women trying to conceive.

3. Reduce your chance of having a c-section by 50%

It has been shown that women who stay active – no matter what that looks like – run a significantly lower risk of having a C-Section during delivery.  Find something you like to do and then do it.  Just move – that’s the key!

4. Postpartum depression/anxiety

1 in 8 women will supper with postpartum depression or anxiety.  But an interesting fact is that 80% of those women will have symptoms before giving birth.  Be on the lookout for signs and have family members watch for signs that you may be experiencing any symptoms and get help.

5. You are not broken

6. Most women do not orgasm with penetration

7. Your first time having sex is not supposed to hurt or make you bleed

8. Menopause Hacks: Reduce hot flashes with regular exercise, black cohosh, or red clover supplements and avoid alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine. Fix vaginal dryness, tightness, or irritation with vaginal estrogen cream.

9. Bladder Health – Cranberry (pill or juice) prevents infection, always wipe front to back, pee within 20 minutes after sex10. You do not need to bleed monthly if you don’t want to (with the help of your doctor)

10. You do not need to bleed monthly if you don’t want to

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