Learn how to upgrade a cake with a rosette decorating technique

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Cake decorating is an art form within itself that takes patience to perfect. Sing Phaysounlaphong, Owner/Artist of Hmong Baker came by to share her best tips and tricks for decorating a Rosette Cake using patriotic colors for the frosting.

Sing recently got married last September of 2020. She is a busy lady with six children and a full-time job. Sing started her baking journey back in 2014, saying cake decorating is her hobby that she taught herself and continues to be self-taught.

Sing was inspired to decorate cakes from cake shows on TV and YouTube. She spent a lot of her days just watching and observing until she thought to herself, “it looks easy enough,” and decided she could do it too. Sing says it was a lot of struggle and that it wasn’t easy at first. With the help of Youtube, she has learned a lot and is jumping into all the rest there is to know about cake decorating.

Today, Sing is making a Rosette Cake, one of the more accessible cakes to make as a beginner. She will be using a Wilton 1M tip for the design, and with July being a very patriotic month, she will be making a red, white, and blue-themed cake.

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